Meet Seema

Meet the Real Seema Singh in Her Own Words

Seema Singh is outstanding. Seema Singh is fearless. Seema is courteous, spiritual and carries herself with an unmistakable grace and charm. There is elegance to her razor-sharp insight and tenacity to her way of getting things done. There is a formula for Seema’s success that moves in a constant direction–making a difference in the lives of people. Seema is the people’s advocate in every dimension and essence that the role embodies to live with impact. Her life blazes new paths that create a list of achievements that are numerous, impressive, and perpetual. Her struggles as a leader are both unique and commonplace. Seema Singh has been commissioned to a life of service but her ability to surface and ignite the commitment of others to make a difference is a unique distinction of her presence on earth.

From humble roots in India to her earliest impressions of America’s promise, Seema has seen a vista of endless doors. Some of those doors she walked through because she was prepared, and others she pushed her way through. Seema is on life’s stage in a plethora of roles in and out of the Asian Indian community — attorney, mother, wife, three-time New Jersey governor appointee, community activist, political candidate, television and radio personality, speaker, board member, volunteer, and cricket player pioneer. She is greeted by those who meet her with a noticeable mixture of respect and reverence. Seema lives with intention as a consistent value. There is no fixed boundary to her self-definition as she climbs every mountain in a man’s world. Her commanding presence and forthright manners in each role makes her a recognized champion of consumer and human rights. She personifies living a bold pioneer’s journey. Her service on many boards and her contributions are consistently recognized and celebrated.

Seema’s life is an activation mirror for your own opportunities and possibilities. It may even seem in some ways that Seema Singh has done it all, but she has not. Somehow you know there is another chapter that will be written by Seema because she is always speaking a fifth language. This is her language of pride in her ability to create promise, always mobilizing the change she wishes to see in the community and in the world. The only option is staying tuned to what will be next. Meet Seema Singh and get involved.