Seema Singh Speaks

Seema SinghSeema Singh, dubbed the “Accidental Advocate,” has a success formula that is no accident. Seema blazes new paths. From ages 8 to 80, Seema engages with a mission and a message that moves an audience. A veteran speaker of more than 500+ venues, Seema constantly renews her audience relevance by staying connected. Her words of wisdom, information, and motivation have been heard by diverse groups from ages 8 to 80.

She has travelled to the local community center in everytown New Jersey USA to candlelight vigils on behalf of domestic violence victims in the Asian Indian Community to the Tsunami-ravaged villages in India, and the corridors of legislative power and justice for people in government including Capitol Hill. Her topics are diverse including women in politics, domestic violence among the Asian Indian community, the power of an advocate in office and in the courtroom, a pioneer in the Energy Conservation message for all ages. Download her speaker marketing kit for the full range of information she can add to your event.

Environmental elements are no boundary- comfortable with or without a microphone; dressed to kill or dressed to win on the cricket field—this is a gifted woman with a message and a movement. Seema is the one word power description that you can add to transform and energize any event. Talk about an exciting part of your program – welcome Seema Singh to your next event!

Seema Singh’s Speaker Marketing Kit