Climb Every Mountain

Climb every mountain, ford every
stream, and follow every rainbow
until you find your dream.
Rodgers and Hammerstein
– The Sound of Music

Seema Singh is a special mix of Indian drive and American accomplishment. Her connections to service were shaped early by her work with Mother Teresa but her commitment to an extended community and sense of contribution are the stuff people dream of. Seema dreams big new horizons that can impact people where they live everyday. This is her work. This is her life. Seema acts in the world to change, and many times this is the change of ideas and men’s rules. This could be intimidating for many, but Seema approaches daunting mountains and small peaks with a resolve of astuteness. Her judgment process comes from climbing the Everest of her life or the smaller ridges that involve one impressive feature – action. It is an incredibly demanding process to climb a mountain or conquer a summit, but once Seema makes the decision to climb, there is no stopping her successful finish at the line of accomplishment.

Dubbed the ‘accidental advocate’ in her earliest days of office, Seema demonstrated that accidents are sometimes the path to destiny. Seema’s passions have grown through simple and complex traditions woven to the challenge at hand. From strategy to negotiation, from finding a voice to shaping her voice as one of lasting impact, Seema’s navigation of the landscape has been adept and focused in every situation. Although she has found impressive success in a predominately male world, Seema makes it all look easy because she has found the secret that every individual can replicate:

Find your passion, and then get paid for it.

Even her decision to live boldly in pursuit of the 14th district NJ State Senate seat, her courage and tenacity are more than the legend of true grit. They are the map of a woman who has come into her own in all the situations of leader, servant, committee member, collaborator, colleague, associate, partner, and more to come.

Even Seema’s personal childhood pleasures led her to take the bolts off another door. Her early love for cricket as a child in India was natural. Some say cricket was bigger than religion when the game was played in India because the country would come to a halt. The sport would also come full circle in Seema’s life as she became an honorary member of the Edison Cricket Club in 2006, the only woman to achieve this designation. It’s no long shot to victory when Seema’s on the team. You can still find her bringing her skills to the game at the ECC on any given Saturday. Recently, she took the role of co-captain, along side the Mayor of Edison. The result: another victory stroll.


Extensively interviewed by virtually every New Jersey newspaper, television, and radio station serving the citizens of the state along with global interviews, Seema rightfully earns her pioneering position. Ground-breaking alliances help Seema continually bring a collective voice to the unique and significant contributions of the Asian Indian community across the globe. On the New Jersey Network, she co-hosted a prime-time programming event, The Asian Indians in America to foster an understanding of Asian Indians in the U.S. This live television broadcast showcased the cultural impact of this growing and diverse population, and was a most successful membership and pledge event attracting more than 120 new members who joined the NJN community.