Networking Life

Who speaks, sows; who listens,
reaps. Argentine Proverb

Seema is a platinum networker who has always savored rapport building as an opportunity to operate with a high degree of care, constancy, and earnestness. Her overarching professional life demonstrates Seema’s abilities as a savvy champion and autographs her networking life with a singular agenda– connecting with a purpose.

As a trailblazer for new career heights, accomplishments, and political leadership, Seema has the ultimate in a networking life. Her high level visibility across the East Coast and global scale propels a tapestry of conversations in her circles. What these conversations reveal is a breathing ability to inhale good people, inspiring connections, the great alliance, or even identify who should exit to the sideline. It is impossible to count the events and conversations but as one who imbibes the networking life for others, Seema connects with a purpose.

As the courageous leader of the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC), Seema’s business savvy has transformed a niche chamber to a powerful beacon of business innovation. She leads passionate business owners and thought-leaders in this fast-growing community. Their chamber serves the NJ tri-state area (NJ, NY, and PA) but their effectiveness within this geography is a tremendously powerful force yielding a meteoric membership rise to more than 500 members (and still growing). The AICC is filling an entrepreneurial vacuum with business processes such as their Networking Nites and International Business Expositions to expand revenue growth in New Jersey and beyond. Their annual dinner gala is full of tradition with expanding components to introduce and honor the shining stars from various professions in their burgeoning Asian Indian community. For the purpose of promoting trade between India and New Jersey, Seema organizes an Annual Trade Mission and leads a delegation to India every other year.

Further, her government savvy and reputation has opened a blazing future of opportunity with broader NJ chamber alliances such as the Edison Chamber of Commerce as well as a new Strategic Alliances with the Small Business Administration. The latter has resulted in a Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) which will develop and foster mutual understanding and a working relationship between the SBA and the AICC. Visit the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce website for information on their chamber and events.